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Every computer user fears the day he/she experiences a "computer crash". The question that follows is usually " do you have a backup?" The answer to this is often "NO" - THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEMS BEGIN!!!!

The reason for system failure is often due to user error - critical system files are deleted or corrupted when users attempt to uninstall or delete unwanted programs.

Although all users are encouraged to back up their work at regular intervals, this is often a time-consuming exercise and is generally neglected.

System hardware is also prone to failure and often the cost of replacement is added to costs to recover data.

We offer a maintenance contract where we visit the premises once a week (or as necessary). During these visits, we back-up all data and update anti-virus software. We re-configure systems to operate efficiently if necessary and maintain small network systems. On request by you, the client, we are also able to remove backed-up data from the premises.

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